IIN's Advanced Production Automation Solutions

At International Innovation Network, IIN, we specialize in Production Automation Solutions, encompassing assembly automation, functional testing, and process verification. Our dedicated focus on Partner Network Management ensures collaborative excellence, and we excel in Solution Optimization for enhanced operational efficiency.

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Optimal automation platform and line concept solutions tailored for various industries.

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Who we are

Group of companies working close together offering Production Automation Solutions coordinating by IIN.

We have offices in (Oulu) Finland and China, and ~ 140 experts in the field of automation.


At IIN, our team embodies a culture of inspiration. We foster a high-performing and motivated team where joy and team spirit are paramount. We value the importance of knowing responsibilities and encourage daring to dream. Central to our ethos is trust – trust in ourselves (Trust IIN) and trust in our colleagues. Together, we create an environment where inspiration flourishes.

Our focus

Production Automation Solutions

  • Assembly automation
  • Functional testing
  • Process verification

Partner Network Management

Solution Optimization


  • Proven Concept - Team of professional experts - Own automation platform with world class components

  • Optimized Solution - Optimized system architecture for customer needs - Eliminating over investment

  • Agile Execution - No resource shortage

Partners roles

Ensure the best people, teams, and processes in right places to deliver extraordinary results.

PROMEC, Professional Mechanics Finland Oy

Operating in Kempele, Finland, Team Oy stands as a contemporary mechanical enterprise. Our comprehensive services encompass design, 3D printing, machining, assembly, final testing, and product development. Renowned for swift service, an agile operational approach, and cost-effective solutions, our enterprise excels in delivering excellence.

JSA Systems Oy

JSA-Systems is a full-service house for any automation and test system automation needs. The company has a strong experience in production automation and testing design, testing implementation, and support during production phase. Product testing can vary from PCBA testing to nano size subassembly components and final product testing. Company portfolio also includes production QA testing equipment design.


Providing electrical/optical test system and automatic assembly system to customers, R&D team provide the customize solution according to customer special requirements. Serving the industrial manufactory upgrading and driving self-continuous improvement. 

Client-Centric Excellence

At IIN, we are dedicated to being customer-focused in our approach. Our commitment is reflected in our Project Delivery Process, where we integrate IIN expertise to master Application Engineering and handle all customer interactions.

Our strategic partnerships play a crucial role, with partners taking responsibility for manufacturing, detailed design, and testing. To ensure scalability and flexibility, we actively utilize these partnerships.

The establishment of Partner Cluster Management enhances coordination, while our focused operations strive for extraordinary results. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, we consistently invest in recruiting top-notch talent with the highest competence.

Collaborating with Reliable and Experienced Partners

High quality, effective solutions, and seamless communication are always paramount in all our endeavors. We collaborate with established and high-standard players in the industry.

Through us, you'll find solutions in the following sectors:

  • Medical and diagnostic devices
  • Industrial electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Contract manufacturing

Together, we'll find the best solution tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us!